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Bailiwick Medical

Bailiwick Medical

The Challenge:

Marketing a new business

The Solution:

Future Loans

Client: Martin Greenwood - Bailiwick Medical, healthcare equipment provider

The Challenge

The founder of Bailiwick Medical had a great business plan for a new company that would help those in need gain access to specialist medical equipment. However, without funding, this community-focused business was struggling to get off the ground.

The Solution

Future Loans stepped into help finance the marketing activities – in particular social media – and enabled them to successfully launch the new business and move into new products and services.

The Full Story...

Bailiwick Medical supply, install and maintain essential healthcare equipment. They work with an array of clients from hospitals, to care homes, to private individuals.

The business was set up in 2012 and helps people in their homes, as well as engaging important supplier contracts throughout the island.

Q & As

1. Did you have any preconceptions about applying for a loan?

I thought the whole process would be long and drawn out, and possibly intimidating, but with Future Finance it was simple and hassle free.

2. What key benefits did you enjoy through working with Future Loans?

I was able to finance the equipment needed to make the business viable. Without it, I would not have been able to make the plan a reality as I could never have financed expensive medical and bespoke equipment myself. Other providers were unable to help me, as we didn’t meet the strict criteria required. However, Future Finance went the extra mile to help me on my journey, assisting with a full and diverse marketing plan, using Twitter and Facebook.

3. What made Future Loans stand out to you?

Their work was outstanding and the whole team were very professional. They took the time to understand my needs and take things from the drawing board to reality, something the banks just couldn’t do.

4. Could you describe Future Loans in three words?

Simple. Professional. Understanding. I know I can pick up the phone and speak to anyone in the team if I need further advice. I certainly wouldn't go to anyone else.

5. Has the financial assistance helped you to realise a better future for your business?

Their assistance undoubtedly made the future look more realistic for the business at a time when I had begun to question my own inner passion to move forward.

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