Future Finance are now offering up to £50K unsecured loans at competitive rates - Future Finance

Future Finance are now offering up to £50K unsecured loans at competitive rates

Cementing their position as the premier provider in Jersey, Future Finance are making personal and business loans more accessible and affordable than ever before.

In the past taking out a loan was long-winded, complicated and often impossible. However, Future Finance have made it their business to make the process quick and hassle-free.

Alongside an instant  ‘Approval In Principle’ notification and a much simplified application process, the business are now offering loans of up to £50k unsecured for individuals and businesses.

On top of this, Future Finance are offering excellent, competitive rates, creating an overall market-leading proposition for customers.

Denny Lane, co-founder of Future Finance, states: “Our aim has always been to un-pick the application process and make finance more available. With great rates and the ability to lend £50k unsecured, as well as up to £5m secured, we now offer affordable lending solutions for everyone.” 

Craig Dempster, also co-founder of Future Finance, adds: “We pride ourselves on being real specialists in lending. Just lending. There are no gimmicks, or add ons. All our resources are channelled into improving the lending experience for our customers.”

He concludes: "2017 will be an important year for Future Finance. We are investing in new areas and products that will make lending and borrowing even quicker and easier. Watch this space!”




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