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How to improve your credit rating

Take out a credit card

  • If you are using your card every month, make sure you are paying it off in full the following month.  
  • It is actually better to have several cards with small amounts than one card that you max out.

Show stability

  • Potential lenders are looking to see whether you are financially stable. Show that you have either worked or lived somewhere for a period of time.

Consider your connections

  • Is anyone else, or a partner, linked to your credit history? Do you have shared utility bills, bank accounts or mortgages?
  • Separate your credit accounts and bills.

Stay up-to-date

  • Check your credit reference through agencies such as Equifax, Experian or Callcredit, and ensure you credit reference file is up to date.

Sign up to a monthly contract

  • Take out a contract that requires a monthly payment. A landline or mobile is a good example of one that can be used to boost your rating.

Don’t make a payment break

  • Your credit rate could be impacted if you take a payment holiday.


  • Get a voting history - registering on the electoral role will help with establishing your  identity to lenders and demonstrate stability. 

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