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Reasons why taking a loan can help you move forward …

Regain control of your finances

Challenge: Many people have more than one loan or credit card to think about. Keeping on top of the payments plans and the various dates that debts need to be paid can be challenging and stressful. In addition, mistakenly missing a payment can impact your credit rating. 

Solution: Combining all your repayments into one, or repaying your debts over a longer period of time, with a consolidation loan may help you to maintain your credit rating in the short term and even improve it in the longer term. In addition, if the new rate of borrowing is lower than your original debt you could reduce the overall amount you have to pay back.

Invest in your future

Challenge: Finding the funds to go to university, train for your ideal job or make a career change can be a real headache. 

Solution: Get the financial assistance you need by taking out a loan and then pay it off in manageable, monthly instalments. Without it, you may never be able to make the move, achieve your goals or find a happy, suitable career.

Invest in your home

Challenge: Keeping your home in good repair or making additions, such as a conservatory or extension, costs money. However, in many cases time is of the essence, especially if your property is in need of essential works.

Solution: Taking a loan can give you the money upfront to:

make repairs to your house, ensuring it doesn’t lose value

upgrade your property to meet new requirements or add to the sale price

Develop your business

Challenge: Taking the next steps in your business plan, or purchasing the equipment required to expand, may not be possible without finance.

Solution: Gain a cash injection with a loan that could see you deliver on your business strategy and generate revenue that you may never been able to realise.  

Invest in new equipment using asset finance as this may be a more cost effecttive way to fund your purchases and reduce some of the risk that ownership may cause. This way you spread the cost of the equipment over the course of its economic life, with fixed monthly payments.

Finance your dreams

Challenge: Taking that trip of a lifetime, buying the perfect speed boat or purchasing the classic car of your dreams seems completely out of your reach.

Solution: A loan can help you to spread the cost of your ‘dream’, making it a reality.

As a responsible lender, Future Finance will work with you to find out how much you can borrow, based on your affordability status

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